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YGKJ series vertical ring mold wood pellet machine

Category: Sawdust pellet machine
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Condition: New
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Model Number:YGKJ series
Application: Make Biomass Pellets
Color:Clients' Requirement
Material:carbon steel/ stainless steel
Motor:Siemens Brand
Bearing: SFK/NSK
Description:Suitable raw material: rice husk, wood sawdust, agricultural straw, sunflower shell, coconut husk, palm fiber, oil palm trunk,, EFB, bamboo, alfalfa, grass, hay or other biomass.


The new vertical ring diebiomass wood pellet machine is the latest type in China.

This structure pellet machine adopt large module hard tooth surface inclined gear reducer, the spindle is strengthened, the power output is strong, the equipment is used stably, the failure rate is low, the production cost is low.It is the preferred model in biomass industry.

1.Strong automation, no need staff to take care of it.

1)In the process of starting the equipment, the feeding speed can be adjusted according to the running current of the equipment, which increases the output and saves labor and electricity.It can avoid the problem that the equipment is stuffy due to too fast material feeding.In particular, multiple equipment can save a lot of space, labor and maintenance costs.

2.Independent lubrication

1) Roller bearing: it can be refueled once per shift, or it can be equipped with automatic refueling machine.

2) Spindle lubrication: independent lubrication system.At the same time of reducing the temperature of the spindle, it can play the role of full lubrication.

3. Gear reducer drive

1) The whole machine is driven by parallel axis helical gear with three stages of deceleration and good tooth fit.

2)In the reduction box, the helical gear with hard tooth surface is adopted, the tooth surface is widened, the module is enlarged, and the gear wheel is of high degree of recombination, which reduces the load of each pair of gear and improves the bearing capacity of the gear, and the strength of the gear is 5-10 times stronger than that of the conventional reduction box gear.

3) The gearbox lubricating oil adopts the bypass water-cooling system device to avoid excessive oil temperature and greatly enhance the service life of the internal gear.

4)The failure rate is lower than the traditional reducer, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost.

YGKJ seriesAdvantages of biomass pellet  :
YGKJ series biomass ring die pellet mill is for hard pellet materials, it applies to all biological pellet production companies.
Compact structure, good appearance, high output, less power consumption, convenient use, low maintenance cost, reliable operation,etc.
The machine is equipped with ring die of 5-9 die hole, can choose according to the needs of different users, and ring die can be customized.
the machine adopts frequency conversion motor feeder, overload protection device and the oil pump lubrication system.
With a driven gearbox to keep it work stably.
Apply to small and medium-size biomass pellet enterprise, easy to operate, less feeding and quick effect.
For producing large quantity of wood pellets



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