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SFSP series professional wood hammer mill

Category: Sawdust crushing
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Condition: New
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Model Number:SFSP series
Application: Make Biomass Pellets
Color: Customers' Request
Motor:Siemens Brand
Voltage: 380V/415V
Bearing: SFK/NSK
Description:specialized in manufacturing wood crusher which can turn wood chips, wood shavings, wood wastes, wheat straw, rice straw, sunflower stalk into powder.


This type of hammer mill is called a drop-type hammer mill or grinder, and because it looks like a drop of water, it consists of two metal screens. Compared with other hammer mills, this structure is reasonable, durable, safe and reliable, easy to install, easy to operate, low vibration, and can bring high pressure crushing efficiency.
Mainly used for grinding feed grains, crushing rice husks, wood chips and sawdust.
1. Wide cavity feed hammer mill, unique design, novel structure and convenient operation.
2, the effective material crushing cycle layer can be broken twice to ensure the finished product is even and delicate.
3. A variety of screens to choose from, flexible opening device and elastic pressure screen mechanism,
It is convenient to change the hammer and sieve and keep it.
4. The rotor runs smoothly, balance correction, low noise and excellent performance.
5. Anti-theft door operation to ensure that the door cannot be opened when the rotor rotates. safer.
6. The drop type hammer mill can pulverize the feed and sawdust. Versatile use.



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