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SFSP series grass grinding machine

Category: Feed pulverizer
Views: 9742
Condition: New
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Model Number:SFSP series
Application: Make Feed Pellets
Color: Customers' Request
Motor:Siemens Brand
Voltage: 380V/415V
Bearing: SFK/NSK
Description:SFSP series Mainly used to grind feed grain,crush rice husk,wood chips and sawdust,etc.


SFSP series mill for flour

1, Replace imported machine with the international advanced type, the real droplets;

2, Ordinary grinding can be performed, but also for fine crushing and fine crushing. Widely used in large and medium-sized feed mills, high quality feed production and alcohol plant, citric acid factory, food factory, etc.

3, Finished product granularity more fine and uniform: Φ3 mm sieve can reachΦ2 mm mesh fineness, Selects imported SKF high quality bearing, low operating temperature rise;

4, Φ 3 mm sieve, crushed corn (moisture content 13% or less) electricity production 213 kg, reached the international advanced level; (grinding particle size 0.48 mm).

5, Compared with weight is lighter and fat content is higher, it greatly improves the sieving rate, yield than other shredder similar power increased by 15% ~ 20%; Discharging unobstructed, high efficiency.

6, The machine uses motor direct drive, scientific and reasonable hammer sieve clearance, crushing chamber adopts the secondary crushing technology.

7, Selects the import high quality bearing, low energy consumption, high output, and repair rate up to a minimum. Bring their own guide pulley mobile open form, convenient operation and maintenance

Performance characteristics:

1, the combination of multi-cavity crushing chamber, make the hammer, sieve plate life have greatly improved, especially the small aperture sieve plate life particularly ascension;

2, the rotor assembly innovation design, the rotor running more smoothly, can still run smoothly after wear, even if the hammer crushing chamber temperature is lower;

3, the host overall humanized design,easy to control, noise is low;

4, crushing chamber and reasonable design, increase the rate of material higher sieving;

5, pressure screen institutional improvement, assemble sieve plate is more convenient, safer and more reliable;

6, easily achieve both coarse and fine crushing function, improve the efficiency of crushing;

7, form a complete set of crushing load controller, realized the closed loop control, load current and the feed capacity is to improve the efficiency of crushing, prevent equipment overload production;

8, the main motor and fan, pulse electromagnetic pulse valve delay chain closed-loop control, to ensure that the main motor and fan after power pulse, electromagnetic valve, continue to work to reduce dust adsorption on the bag, to ensure that the permeability of pulse bag;



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