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SDYB series packaging unit

SDYB series packaging unit

Category: Packaging machinery
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Condition: New
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Model Number:SDYB series
Application: Make Feed Pellets
Color: Customers' Request
Material:carbon steel/ stainless steel
Voltage:220V/ 380V/415V
Electric Motor: stepper motor
Description:It is suitable for 25kg 50kg big bag compost fertilizer bagging machine, compound fertilizer packing machine, organic fertilizer packaging machine packaging machine 25kg ,feed, food, grain, chemical i


SDBY series quantitative packing scale is special weighing instrument as the core, with combination of programmable logic controller, based on the weight of the weighing sensor detects the signal processing, and comparing with set point, output the control signal, are done by the corresponding actuator clip bag, fast/slow feeding, cutting, loose bag.

Double-line display shows both gross and net weight.

Special instrument, adopt the international advanced SMT technology, the structure is compact, the work is reliable.

Target content can be changed at will, input via panel keypad, and stored in memories.

The set of targets has power failure protection.

Automatic zero tracking.

Manual/automatic peeling.

Use software to implement all digital calibration.

Conversion rate is 120 beats per second

Unique R.C absorption circuit, which makes the electrical control part work more secure and reliable.

Automatic packaging counts.

Automatically tracks the impulse function.

According to the actual needs of the user, the equipment can be equipped with the dust removal device, eliminate the dust leakage and improve the working environment.

This product can be widely used in food, feed, oil, chemical industry and building materials industry.



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