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BX series wood chipper

BX series wood chipper

Category: Sawdust crushing
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Condition: New
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Type: Wood Chipper
Use: Cutting wood logs into 30mm
Color: Customers' Request
Working methods: Semi-automatic
Voltage: 380V/415V
Color: as customer demand
Description:BX series self feeding wood chipper is used for processing wood logs or tree branches into 20mm-40mm wood chips for various wood products industries and plants. Known as wood cutting machine, it belon


Introduction for Large Capacity Wood Chipper

Drum wood chipper series products are production of special equipment, the product is widely used in particleboard factory, medium and high density fiber board factory, stubble plant, biomass power plant, wood factory and other industries and manufacturers in the production of equipment for preparation before the section. This product structure is advanced, high-quality cutting blade material, the raw material adaptability, convenient operation and maintenance. Cutting path is the main raw material of wood, wood cutting, processing residues, such as branches, branches, slab, slat cores, logs, veneer scrap, etc.), can be used to cutting non-wood raw materials (such as sugar cane, reed, bamboo, etc.).

Machine up and down by the body, knife roller, feed roller, conveyor belts, hydraulic system and other parts. The body is made of high strength steel plate welding and become, is the basis of the whole machine is supported. Knife roller is installed on the two or three, four fly knife, made of special bolts, through pressure, fly knife is fixed on the knife roller. According to be cutting raw materials of different thickness, the feeding roller assembly can use hydraulic system in a certain range floating up and down. Cutting down the qualified material drop through sieve pore, from the bottom of the discharge, large pieces of material will be carried out within the machine cutting.

Hydraulic system: by oil pump for to oil cylinder, can start the lid, easy replacement of blade; Can lift on the feeding roller assembly when maintenance, easy to adjust the fly knife, bottom knife gap and comb plate dismantling.

product advantages:

1. This product has advanced structure, excellent cutting blade material and convenient operation and maintenance. The main cutting material is wood of too small size, used for wood cutting and processing residues (such as branches, slabs, strips, core wood, waste veneer, etc.), and can also be used to cut non-wood materials (such as sugar cane, reed, Bamboo, etc.).

2. This machine is made up of the fuselage, knife roll, upper and lower feed rolls, conveyor belt and hydraulic system.

1) The body is welded with a high-strength steel plate, which is the basis of the support of the entire machine.

2) The knife roll is equipped with two or three, four knives, with special knife bolts, through the pressure block, and the knife is fixed on the knife roll. Depending on the thickness of the cutting material, the upper feed roller assembly can fluctuate within a certain range by the hydraulic system. After cutting, the qualified sheet falls through the screen and is discharged from the bottom of the machine, the large sheet.

3) Hydraulic system: used to pump the oil pump to the cylinder, the cap can be activated to facilitate the replacement of the blade; the upper feed roller assembly can be lifted during maintenance, and the gap between the knife and the bottom knife and the comb removal can be easily adjusted.

4) Feeding and unloading belt conveyors can be customized according to your requirements.



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