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First of all thank you for choosing Jaray machinery high quality ring die , effectively improve ring die production ouput, in addition to the ring die itself quality, proper operation and maintenance can effectively extend the using life of the ring die . Please read carefully to put the ring die to a best using effect.

One,To have a basic scheduled maintenance on the granulator.

1.As pellet machine belongs to the feed mills host device, firstly manufacturer should have daily maintenance, weekly maintenance and monthly maintenance on the main equipments to ensure the pellet machine keep good ,stable and non-beating working condition; if the equipment is fault or some wearing parts wear down, especially the driving wheel and spindle,should be maintained immediately and replaced the spare parts, to ensure the normal use of concentric circles on the ring die.
2.Install iron absorption device onto the entrance of feed, so as to avoid metal objects falling into the pellet machine indoor, which will cause serious damage and make the ring die crack
3.When installing ring die, should check the pellet machine indoor driving key, hoop, driving wheel wear-resisting bushing, wear-resistant bushing on the two ends of the compression roller shaft, gap adjusting wheel and feeding scraper, cutter and etc , such easily damaged parts  wearing condition , and the replacement should be replaced in a timely manner, to ensure the pellet machine operate normally. If the hoop wear down,the ring die  cannot be holden tightly , it will cause the granulator more vibration  and  seriously effect the ring die service life, and even make the ring die cracking; it should be replaced timely, moreover the wearing of feeding scraper will cause decline of the granulator production.

Two,Ring die Operating Maintenance
1.Due to the types of the production of feeds are different, much involving with the difference of  the ring die material,opening porosity rate, inner taper hole, ring die hole effective length and the pressure relief hole design, therefore should look for enterprises with advanced professional technique, combining with feed ingredients and the actual usage condition to design, customized different ring die, to ensure the ring die to prove maximum using value
2.Using prawn feed new ring die, must be replaced by a new compression roller processed by concentric mill to match with.
3.The gap between the compression roller and the ring die must be controlled between 0.1 0.3 mm, don't let a eccentric roller be exposed to the mould surface or one side clearance is too large, which is imperceptible to the naked eye during installation, to avoid the increased wearing of the ring die and compression roller or no feed discharge phenomenon.

4.When pellet machine starts, feed rate must be from low speed to high speed, do not speed from the start, which can cause damage to the ring die and pellet machine or cause the ring die materials plugging because of the sudden overload。

Three,Ring die Maintenance
1. When the ring die don't need work for a period of time , should squeeze out the original feed by using a non-corrosive oil , otherwise, the ring die heat will dry and harden the feed that keep inside of the ring die , which will cause following situations:
( 1 ) Start to work, the ring die hole will be blocked, no feed discharge;
( 2 ) Begin to produce, ring die under high stress and weaken its strength, maybe cause ring die cracking;
( 3 ) Part of the holes will be plugged, output lessen, efficiency is brought down.
2. After being used for a period of time, should check the ring die inside surface to see if it has locally convex part, if it has this phenomenon, use polishing machine to grind off convex part , to ensure the output of the ring die as well as the compression roller service life.
3. If ring die holes are blocked and no feed discharge, adopting oil soak or pellet machine again after cooking with oil, if still can't pellet machine ,can use electric drill to drill out the blocking materials ,and then reoccupy after grinding  and polishing by oily materials with fine sand.
4. When loading and unloading of the ring die , do not use a hammer or any other hard steel tools to beat ring die surface.
5. Should do ring die  per shift using record, in order to accurately count out the ring die actual service life.
6.Ring die must be stored in a dry and clean place, if stored in damp places, will cause corrosion on the ring die  holes ,and reduce the ring die service life or no feed discharge.
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