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Design feed machine solutions and methods
(1) Determine the processing scale of the feed machine factory
Based on the ingredient mixing system:
Single shift production: Mixing volume per batch (ton/batch) X batch number/hour X8 hour X250 day = annual shift output
Example: 1 ton / batch X10 batch X8 hours X250 days = 20,000 tons / year shift
              1 ton / batch X15 batch X8 hours X250 days = 30,000 tons / year shift
Design: Annual output = annual shift output X3

(2) Determining feed processing technology and selecting related equipment
The variety, quality and production requirements of the production (product);
● formula for feed processing;
● production process and equipment;
● performance and quality of the equipment;
● Equipment cleaning and maintenance;
● production costs and use costs;

● Standardization, serialization and component generalization;

● Construction space for the project;

● National hard requirements such as environmental protection and fire protection.

(3) Choice of control mode

● Capacity
● Process is simple
●How many varieties of products
(4) Selection of  factory structure form
●All concrete structure
●Semi-steel structure
●All steel structure
●Sliding mode structure

(5) Planning the general plane of the plant Considerations:

●Logistic distance
●Safety specification
● Avoid mutual interference
●Factory focus
●Visual effect

The overall layout of the feed machine factory varies depending on the nature of the feed machine factory, the size and process. usually:
● Construction should account for 30-35% of the total area of the plant
● Factory roads account for 13% of the total area
●The green area is not less than 10-15% of the entire plant area
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