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Use and maintenance of ring die
The ring die is a granulating die equipped with a feed machinery ring die pek. The materials generally used for making the ring die are alloy steel, carbon steel and stainless steel. The ring mold is an essential part of the pellet machine. The use of the ring mold will directly affect the service life of the ring mold and the quality of the finished pellet feed.
Regular maintenance of the pellet machine
1. Because the pellet machine belongs to the main equipment of the feed factory, firstly, the manufacturer should carry out daily maintenance, weekly insurance and monthly maintenance work for the main machine to ensure that the pellet machine maintains a good and stable working state without any beating. If the equipment is faulty or some wear parts are worn out The parts should be repaired and replaced in time to ensure the normal use of the concentric circles of the ring mold.
2. Install an iron suction device at the feed inlet to prevent metal foreign objects from falling into the granulation chamber, causing serious damage to the ring mold and cracking.
3. When installing the ring mold, check the transmission parts in the granulating chamber, the hoop, the wear-resistant bushing ring of the transmission wheel, the wear-resistant bushing at both ends of the pressure roller shaft, the adjusting wheel and the feeding scraper, the cutter, etc. The wear condition of the parts, the replacement should be replaced in time, and the wear of the feeding scraper will result in a decrease in the output of the pellet machine.
ring die work maintenance
1. Due to the different types of production feeds, the ring mold material, opening ratio, inner cone hole, effective length of the die hole and the design of the pressure relief hole are different. It is necessary to find enterprises with advanced professional technology to combine feed ingredients and actual use. Situational design, customizing the ring mold of different processes to ensure the maximum use value of the ring mold
2. When using the new ring mold for prawn material, it is necessary to replace the new pressure roller processed by the concentric mill to match it.
3. The gap between the pressure roller and the ring die must be controlled between 0.1-0.3mm. Do not allow the eccentric pressure roller to contact the surface of the ring die or the gap is too large, which is not easy to detect in the naked eye and in the installation.
When the pellet machine is started, the feeding amount must be from low speed to high speed. Do not run at high speed from the beginning, causing the ring mold and the pellet machine to be damaged due to sudden overload or ring mold blocking.
Ring mold maintenance
1. When the ring mold is not used for a period of time, the original feed should be extruded with non-corrosive oil. Otherwise, the heat of the ring mold will dry and dry the feed originally left in the die hole, thus producing the following situation:
· When starting the operation, the die hole is blocked and the material is not discharged;
· At the beginning of production, the ring mold is subjected to high stress and weakens its strength, which may cause ring mold cracking;
· Part of the die hole is blocked, the output is reduced, and the benefit is reduced.
2. When loading and unloading the ring die, do not hit the ring die working surface with a hard steel tool such as a hammer.
3. The record of each shift of the ring mold should be done in order to accurately calculate the actual service life of the ring mold.
4. The ring mold must be stored in a dry and clean place. If it is stored in a humid place, it will cause mold hole corrosion, which will reduce the service life of the ring mold or not discharge.
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